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Illuminati is the National Level Technical festival which is a three-day event that brings in several hundreds of students from various colleges in and around the State to DRK. Illuminati has a rich mix of technical as well as non-technical events.
Some of the major events conducted during the fest are Paper Presentation for the branches ECE,  CSE, IT, EEE, ME and CE. The C Programming and LAN Gaming Contest are events open to all branches, while Contraption and Rc rally are conducted for students of EEE branch. The ROBOTICS conducted by the ECE was a huge success.  And then there’s the Technical Quiz where the IT students can test their might against students from various other engineering disciplines.
It’s just not the technical events, but there are a host of other events the students can participate in. There’s the Gaming Contest and the General Quiz, both of which have proven time and again to be huge crowd pullers.
Events Include
Paper Presentation
Poster Presentation
General Quiz
ROBO Events
Robo Wars
Robo Soccer
Robo Terrain
Death Race
Like Followers
RC Rally
ECE Events
Robotic Workshop-Phonix Workshop
Poster Presentation
Project Expo
VLSI Workshop
CSE Events
C Programming
Poster Presentation
LAN Gaming
IT Events
PPT and Poster Presentation
Web Design Workshop
Slow Biking
Short Film
Puzzle Mania
EEE Events
Circuit Designing
Poster Presentation
ME Events
RC Rally
Assembling & De-Assembling

The festival of ILLUMINATI sees various inter-college competitions and other fun events. A highly awaited cultural fest, brought together a multitude of events and activities that the cultural Illuminati promises . The cultural fest showcased some of the real talent of the students as it was all about creativity and talent, witnessing the Indian music and dances (solo & group) and Western music and dances (solo & group) competitions will just be and unmatched thrilling experience to the audiance. It also added color with the Flower arrangement, Vegetable Carving Painting and Rangoli competitions. And it was filled with mind-blowing performances by the students of both DRK-IST and DRK-CET and the last day gala event was full of action with a live and great audience creating a memorable annual fest. The DJ session at the end of the day was a huge entertainment making the even more eventful.

It would be a grave fault on our end not to mention the endless stalls and the lavish food court, which does more than just satisfy your palate and the fun games can take any passer by to take a walk in the large ground and make more space for further fun filled indulgence. It took away the prime time of the students out to visit the various stalls that have been set up all over campus. Thus the ‘ILLUMINATI’ is the most awaited fest at DRK.

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